A Real Human Being

How I Overcame Anxiety and Learned to Engage in Life

Recently I watched an interesting interview. The topic was about Gen Z and how they struggle to try things for fear of failure. About how they have an enormous amount of anxiety and mental health issues. I guess I already knew that mental health was a huge problem for young people these days. It’s an […]

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs?

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because there are just so many beautiful songs to choose from. So many songs that have moved me throughout my life. So many that have made a profound impact on me. I love music. Music has the power to move […]

How Fear of Failure Has Kept Me from Writing and What I’m Doing About It

I’ve been battling with a lot of anxiety and stress over this new blog. I was worried this might happen. I wrote about my issues with writing in an earlier post. I didn’t want this blog to become another one of those writing burnout experiences for me. I didn’t want it to become stressful. I wanted […]

How to Connect With People and Why You Should

It was a warm autumn afternoon in 2019 and I was driving to meet a girl for the first time. I mean, not meeting a girl for the first time in my life, but driving to meet this one particular girl that I had never met before. It wasn’t a date. We had become acquainted […]

What Matters Most? Learning to Prioritize Joy and Fulfillment

Disclaimer: this article includes affiliate links I’m feeling a bit worn out today. I have been working on the website a lot this week. And not on the fun stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of web design work, which actually isn’t too bad. I have been designing websites for, I don’t know, 15 years. […]

I Am an Introvert

I am an INFP. Do you know what that is? Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? MBTI for short. It’s basically a personality test that categorizes people into one of 16 main personality types. I had heard about it many years ago, but never took the test. I have mixed feelings on personality […]

I Always Wanted to Be a Writer

Hi, I’m Josh. I’ve started and restarted this blog countless times. Such is the hallmark of my writing “career”. Career is in quotation marks because I don’t really consider myself having an actual writing career. A career is something that makes you money, right? My writing journey is probably more appropriate. I wanted it to […]