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What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs?

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because there are just so many beautiful songs to choose from. So many songs that have moved me throughout my life. So many that have made a profound impact on me.

I love music. Music has the power to move us in ways that nothing else does. Music speaks a different language that our hearts seem to speak naturally. It can lift us when we are down, or help us feel supported and not alone. It can express emotions that we don’t know how to express with words.

I just love it.

I always have.

So choosing a top 3 can be difficult. It feels like you are leaving off important pieces of you. But actually my number one has been the same for a long time and I don’t see it changing. Number two is one that has really moved me and speaks to my soul.

But number three was actually the most challenging one for me.

But let me give it a go.

I’ll count down because, you know, suspense and stuff.

Number 3

I’m gonna go with Manchester by Kishi Bashi. If you don’t know who Kishi Bashi is, he is an American musician from Virginia who plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, and violin.

I’m not one of those hipsters who’s going to pretend like they are better than everyone else because they know everything about every artist on the planet. I don’t know all of his music library. It’s probably great.

But this song.

Man, I love this song.

To me it captures, perhaps better than any other song, that feeling of excitement that fills your whole being when you are in love.

From the violin instrumental, to the soft but fervent vocal and the absolute poetry of the lyrics, everything about this song makes me feel like I’m in love.

It feels light and bright, but not frivolous or fleeting or shallow.

“Will you be mine? I haven’t felt this alive in a long time.”

The discovery of a new love and those early moments when life seems to start anew.

“I read the signs. I haven’t been this in love in a long time.”

These lines just fill my heart with joy and serenity all at the same time.

I recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t heard it before. Or giving it another if you have.

Number 2

Number wasn’t too difficult for me, actually. I’ve always been introspective, and sometimes I can lean toward melancholy. A lot of the music I like tends to be calm, even a little on the sad side. Or the dramatic side. Stuff that speaks to the things that really matter the most to me. Love, life. I like stuff that is serious.

So at number two I have Saturn by Sleeping At Last.

I love Sleeping At Last. I don’t know if there could be any other musician that could speak to my heart the way he does. I pretty much love everything he writes. It’s like if I had the talent to write music like I wish I did, I would want to write stuff that sounds exactly like Sleeping At Last.

Saturn is deep. Really deep.

“You taught me the courage of stars before you left. How light carries on endlessly even after death.”

He’s talking to someone he loves who is at the end of their life. Talking about the lessons and the light he had been shown by this person.

The song feels like the climax of a really emotional and powerful movie. All of his stuff seems to feel like that.

But this song in particular really moves me. It reminds me of the important things in life. To not take people for granted. But that we live on forever even after death.

It’s sad and beautiful and inspiring and calming all at the same time.

I just love it.

Number 1

And my number one favorite song of all time is…drumroll…

Fix You by Coldplay.

I still remember when I first heard this song. I had grown up listening to only country music. I wasn’t really allowed to listen to a lot of pop music. So when I started branching out a bit from country I was a little cautious and uncertain.

But when I heard Fix You it’s like my whole world opened up.

There was something special about this song for me. Something magical.

It felt like the most romantic, dramatic, inspiring moment I could imagine had rushed into my mind and I was deeply, profoundly moved.

Maybe that sounds overdramatic.

But that’s how it felt to me.

This song feels to me like love. The most romantic, divine, eternal love that ever existed. The stuff of legend. Of fairy tales. The kind of love they write about and talk about for centuries. The kind that can’t be killed. That inspires and lifts and heals.

The kind that movies couldn’t even capture, try as they might.

“Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you.”

It’s the kind of love you’d die for, over and over again. Soul mates connected by a spiritual thread that cannot be severed. Not by time or death or all the forces that evil could muster to put an end to it. And evil would gather its forces because a love that pure and powerful is the antithesis of evil.

Evil would fight. And wound. And bruise and batter.

All the world might combine to stop this kind of love.

But in the end, lights will guide them home. To each other. And they would fix each other.

That’s what this song feels like to me. And why it is my favorite ever.

So there you go. My top 3 favorite songs.

Now it’s your turn. What are your top 3 favorite songs and why do you love them?


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